by Alex Cadell

Cricket… Cricket… Cricket…

The night air was fresh and as a cool breeze came along, my grandpa and I were watching the flickering of fireflies. We started talking and often saying… “oh look” and “right there”.

“So how's the trip so far?” asked Grandpa Tom.

“It's going good,” I replied.

“Good, which place did you like best?”

“The Grand Canyon.”


Then I heard a door creak open and my dad came to join us. He and my grandpa started talking.

I started to see fireflies multiply until the whole yard was filled with a big game of dot to dot. Then I started a new conversation, saying “Look!!” and “There's another one!” and “Where?”

After a while, we went inside for dad's German's Chocolate cake (Grandma and I made it for his birthday). After we gobbled the cake we went to bed.

Feb 9, 2010